Q. What type of printing method does ASTEVA provide?
A. We provide Direct to Garment (DTG) digital printing, a computer controlled large format ink jet printer that prints directly onto your garments.

Q. What kind of printing technology is DTG?
A. Direct to Garment printing is a larger more complicated version of your inkjet printer at home, made specifically for apparel instead of paper. It uses the latest drop-on-demand inkjet printing technology and garment handling system, specifically designed for garment printing. It prints directly onto garments using high speed print heads each with 1,440 nozzles. Using variable ink drop size, the print head can jet large and small volume ink drops at ultra high speed suitable for specific textile material being printed. The ink is water based (environmentally safe), producing a soft, non-plasticky feel on light to medium colored shirts.

Q. Does this printing process involve heat?
A. No. There are inkjet printers which print images on tranfer paper, which then are transferred to garments with a heat press. This is called heat transfer or iron-on. As opposed to heat transfer or iron-on, our DTG printer prints multi color inks directly on garments. We do heat press the garment after the printing to seal the print for washability.

Q. Do I have to order a minimum number of shirts?
A. No! You can order 1 shirt, or as many as you like. For details on cost, please see our PRICING page.

Q. Is there a setup fee for each order?
A. No. We do not charge any setup fees.

Q. Can I print any color I want?
A. Yes. Our DTG prints are full color (including white ink!), with the capability to print photos, small details and texts, and shading in over 16 million colors.

Q. Are the prints produced very detailed?
A. The printer produces graphics with up to 600 Dpi vs. a Screen-printer who prints graphics with approximately 72 Dpi

Q. Where do I order the blank T-shirts, hoodies, etc?
A. We can provide the garments or you can provide your own. We obtain blanks directly from the manufacturers listed on our website and are able to access a wide variety of apparel and order them at wholesale prices. For Same Day orders, we supply basic white T shirts or whatever is in stock or can print on shirts you provide. We cannot do same day printing if you are requesting a specific brand, color, style and size shirts from us. This may take 2-4 days.

Q. How many colors will the printer produce?
A. By using the 4-color printing process (CMYK) and white ink it can produce over 16 Million colors.

Q. How long does it take to print a shirt?
A. It depends on the design, but a standard sized 10"X12" design can be produced in one minute.

Q. Is there post treating of the garment after printing?
A. No, besides curing the shirt with heat for washability.

Q. What color garments can I print on?
A. We can print on any color shirt: light, medium or darks!!

Q. Can I print on dark color shirts like navy blue and black?
A. Yes! We can now print on dark colors!

Q. Will the print crack or flake off when I wash it?
A. No way. The ink is water based, penetrating the fabric, giving it great washability. It will not peel or crack like silkscreen or heat transfer prints.

Q. What is the maximum print size?
A. We can print images up to 14" x 16" inches on white or light colored shirts. And 12.5" x 16" on dark or colored shirts

Q. How much does it cost to print a shirt?
A. It depends on the quantity of shirts, design size, and number of prints per shirt.

Q. What is your return policy?
A. There is a small percentage of print or human error, which is normal. However, we do our absolute best to give you a quality product each and every time. If there is any defects or prints are other than what was expected, we will work with you to correct the issue. Since the orders are custom, there is no return policy.

Q. What are your payment methods?
A. Depending on orders, we may require a deposit or full payment upon pickup. We accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards. We can also request funds via PayPal.

Q. What format does the design file have to be?
A. We prefer using Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI), or PNG in RGB format (NO CMYK please!).
The higher your artwork resolution (150 -250 dpi), the crisper and vibrant your prints will come out. If submitting artwork for black tshirt printing, please have the design wih transparency and/or use a black background.

Q. What type of fabrics can I print on?
A. You can print on a variety of fabrics, however, best quality DTG printing results are achieved on 100% cotton, 50% cotton 50% polyester blends.

Q. When the garment is being printed, does the ink bleed from the front to the back?
A. No. The ink does not bleed through the shirt.

Q. Are there any case instructions I should follow when weashing the printed shirts?
A. Yes. For long lasting prints, when washing: turn garment inside out, wash in cool or warm water, Dry low temperature, and Do not iron decoration on the dark garments (you can iron the print on the white or light garments).

Q. Can I print on sleeves?
A. Yes. We can print anywhere on the garment! We can print over seams or zippers, on pockets, sleeves, hoodies, bottom hem area, collar, etc.

Q. Will you ship my orders to my customers?
A. Yes, we can arrange to drop ship for you. We can process your orders and ship printed garments to your customers only after payment has been made in full.